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Value Network: An Innovative Blockchain Prediction Market Platform


Value Network is a blockchain platform for binary options trading, you can start trading immediately with just your MetaMask wallet. Started by Artem Levin, and developed using innovative blockchain technology, the platform presents an abundance of earning opportunities for traders and investors.

  • An innovative trading platform for any device

Value Network lets you place binary options bets on any device, in any location so you can react to market movements and keep up the pace.

The platform is ideally suited to day-to-day trading using the Auto Markets feature.

Try trading anywhere, anytime with your MetaMask, or try out the platform with test coins from Kovan or Binance Faucet.

One of the key advantages of placing bets on Value Network is that all the bets are placed on the blockchain and can be monitored by anyone, ensuring there is no manipulation and prices are updated in real-time. This means you can trade 24/7 as long as you have an internet connection, getting into and out of trades as you choose.

The Value Network platform was recently updated, offering faster load speeds and quicker executions. It was designed by traders, for traders, so your needs come first. Logging in to the platform is now approximately 80% and the interface is a lot more engaging.

In addition to speed, these are some of the key platform features you need to know about as a day trader:

  • Clear, simple user-friendly interface
  • Powerful charting possibilities. Our charts are highly customizable, with various built-in technical indicators and drawing tools. There are customization options for layout and appearance.
  • Easy navigation. The platform was designed by traders, for traders. You can easily navigate between trades, open trades, and history. You’ll be using the platform intuitively in no time.
  • Easy funding and withdrawals

It’s easy to fund your account so you can start placing bets on our platform. All you need to do is send crypto to your MetaMask wallet and you’re good to go.

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