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Top Reasons you Should Invest in Value Network

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There are lots of reasons why you might want to invest in a new project before it blows up and goes mainstream. Lots of people think that they have to be experienced in investing with lots of capital — but, with some common sense and research, it’s pretty accessible, even for beginners.

The altcoin market is booming right now, and it’s quite understandable to be confused about which altcoin to go for. While many hold potential, VNTW stands out as one of the best bets.

For someone looking to build a profitable crypto portfolio, there is every reason to invest in Value Network Token(VNTW) right now.

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to invest in Value Network right now, you’ve probably thought of many reasons to invest but there are more reasons to invest than you can even imagine, and as a long term investor it could be a very good investment opportunity for you

1. Value Network is a game-changer

This is one of the strongest blockchain projects so far this year, that aims to revolutionize the gambling sector by enabling users to place binary options bets on the blockchain, removing the risk of manipulation by centralized exchanges, and streamlining the entire experience for users.

2. Price Potential is High

Value Network has a lot of room for upwards growth in the nearest future, because of the increased acceptance of cryptocurrencies globally. Lots of investors now regard cryptocurrency as a legitimate alternative form of investment compared to traditional stocks, ETFs, and real estate which spells good tidings for Value Network.

3. Value Network is fully decentralized

In the tough and vast crypto space, decentralization is the key to any project’s success, which is quite logical considering that the main selling point of the market is in decentralization and power being in the hands of the users and not just a group of people or the company, ensuring that no single entity has a play in the value or control.

4. Long Term Believers and Potentials

A key indicator of a project that can stand the sands of time and with long-term potential is the number of people invested in the project. Value Network recently raised $250,000 in a seed investment round, which is an indicator that there lots of people that firmly believe in project sustainability.

5. Value Network is on one of the most secure blockchains

Value Network is on Binance Smart Chain and will soon switch to QTUM; Binance Smart Chain is a dual-chain architecture that will empower its users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other.

QTUM (called Quantum) is based on the UTXO model used by Bitcoin, Qtum adopts the consensus mechanism of PoS and is the first public blockchain in the world to make this innovation. We have improved the consensus of PoS and adopted MPoS to avoid damage to the network environment by malicious nodes. At the same time, Qtum designs the AAL (account abstraction layer) so that the UTXO-based blockchain is able to support smart contracts.

6. Store of Value

Value Network Token is one of the tokens that have a valuable use case and a tenable store of value. Millions of dollars are being spent placing bets on centralized brokers, if a portion of this amount is being channeled to place decentralized bets, its value will grow exponentially over time.

7. Listed on Multiple Exchanges

Exchanges where a crypto project is listed matters a lot since they can affect the liquidity and value appreciation, the more exchanges, the more the liquidity the more potentials for the price increase. Value Network is listed on UniSwap and would soon be considered for centralized exchanges, which is a big deal because as long as the crypto market is growing in adoption there is always going the growth in value.

8. Easy to Store

You can store your tokens easily on functional wallets and there are lots of easy-to-use wallets where one can store their tokens. The best of these is Metamask. It is safe, decentralized, and offers instant access to thousands of tokens without the need for a third party.

9. Overall Crypto Market Growth

The entire crypto market is on a bullish trajectory. Naturally, this has brought about more attention to the market and drawn in more investors with some people even calling for a regulation of the crypto space. This is a big deal because as more investors come into the market, so will the value of the market.

10.  DeFi Revolutions

If there was ever a reason to invest in altcoins, then Value Network Token should be on top of the list. This innovative project is changing the gambling and betting industry. The best and most interesting aspect is that most DeFi projects are based on Binance and Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, as either of the two grows, so will the value of VNTW.

There is lots of reason to believe and have confidence in the long-term growth of these two currencies. The first and most important one is that they’re the most popular.

People are increasingly investing money into projects like, Aave and Compound to earn a piece of the cake they come with. As many people discover the potential of staking their crypto, the value of the currency also increases.

11.  Investors Shift to Altcoins 

Bitcoin and the other popular crypto have become quite expensive lately and with Bitcoin trading between $30k and $40k at the moment, it simply means that newbie and low capital investors can’t afford to buy many units of the coin, coupled with the fact that transaction fees are now going through the roof, this has brought about more people being interested in altcoins. This is quite evident in Bitcoin’s declining market dominance that now stands at 45.5%. As its market dominance drops it proves that attention is shifting to altcoins. Bitcoin has already proven to investors that anything is possible in the crypto market. Therefore it makes sense to speculate on altcoins as an asset that has lots of potential for value gains in the short to medium term.

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